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Saturday 23rd March 2019 - Last update: November 16th, 2017.

An interview with Dr Amanda Doyle

November 15, 2017


Type: Healthcare Videos, MHA Moore and Smalley TV

In our latest Healthcare video, we’re joined by Dr Amanda Doyle to discuss the current NHS outlook for CCGs and GP Practices.


Dr Doyle will discuss the CCG perspective both locally and for the wider healthcare sector, whilst also looking at the impact this has on GP practices and the link it has with social care.


She will also look at some of the common challenges faced by GPs in 2017, in particularly recruitment, early retirement and how the CCG is assisting with this.


Also covered in this video is the growing concern surrounding premises and the involvement of the CCG, the independent provider organisations and federation model, how practices need to think more strategically and tips for new medical practioners coming in to general practice.