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Healthy Leaders – Success begins within

November 7, 2017


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Healthy Leaders lead the way; or that’s what I would like to think!  Perhaps it is worth starting this blog with a question pointed at business owners and anyone involved with the management (leadership) of people.


Question: Does the health and wellbeing of your team matter enough for you to actively influence the choices they make and the environment that they are in?


Although it seems to me to be a fairly straight forward question to respond to, whenever I discuss this topic I often receive a blank look or a more practical response – “where is the payback”? But think about this; if your team feel engaged in the company’s journey (at whatever level they operate in that company), they are more likely to feel satisfied and even happy in their daily tasks, so their mental wellbeing is being considered.  If they are fit (by that I don’t mean ready to run a marathon); physically active on a frequent basis then it will compound their feeling of wellbeing and reduce the number of sick days as the immune system is stronger.  If they eat the right types of food; they will be more alert and energetic.  If you are encouraging all of these things or aspiring to do all of these things, you will probably have a values driven culture.


Fact: All of the above will increase performance and productivity to new levels and make sluggish, process driven environments obsolete!


I am not saying that process is not important; I am saying that people should come before process.  If you look after the people and support them with robust processes and systems (support being the operative word) then you are on to a winner.  The challenge, like most things related to people, is taking the first step to tackle the existing habits. Only today I read about the NHS banning the sale of super-sized chocolate bars in hospitals – worthy of applause, but the question from me is why were they selling them in the first place?  Where are their Healthy Leaders helping us all to make healthy choices?


If you grasp this challenge now, you will unlock potential within your team; become a stand out employer and like all organisations with Healthy Leaders, your business will be leading the way…


If you would like to discuss manamgement and the leadership of people in more detail, please contact Philip Dyer who is founder of Healthy Leaders Ltd on 07889880670 or email him at

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