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Saturday 23rd March 2019 - Last update: February 6th, 2018.

Employee Stories: Zahraa Panchbhaya

February 6, 2018


Type: Employee Stories

Why did you choose a training opportunity/career with MHA Moore and Smalley?


MHA Moore and Smalley seemed like the perfect fit for me in terms of firm size/structure. The firm is big enough to provide experience on a wide variety of clients but also small enough to deliver high quality training that the larger firms would not be able to provide. When applying for the job it was very clear that a high level of support would be given, not only during my training contract but also once I’ve qualified and start progressing in my career.


Can you describe your job role on a day to day basis?


Working in audit, I spend most of my time at clients, reviewing their accounts to check for significant errors. I review their systems as well to ensure the relevant controls are in place in order to prevent fraud etc.


I also prepare accounts for both charities and academies.


Each day varies depending on the client and also depending on the sector the client is in (e.g. corporate, charity or academy). Each type requires a different set of skills and knowledge, there is always something more to learn.


What do you enjoy most about working at MHA Moore and Smalley?


MHA Moore and Smalley has a very friendly and supportive atmosphere – I have never felt intimidated or unable to ask a question; everyone is very willing to help one another. I also gain a lot of experience working on a wide variety of jobs which means I don’t get bored from constantly working on the same type of client.


How has MHA Moore and Smalley helped you?


MHA Moore and Smalley has helped me develop by encouraging me to be more confident in my abilities – I am constantly being given opportunities to progress in my career and apply the knowledge I have gained. Feedback forms are completed for each job I do, where the managers not only provide good feedback but also provide constructive comments to allow me to improve. Managers will then look for other jobs I could work on to allow me to gain more experience on that specific area and also further develop on the good feedback that has been provided.


What are your goals for the future?


My main goal is to qualify as an ACA chartered accountant. Once I have qualified, my goal is to become a manager on a mixture of clients. I also want to develop my knowledge of academies as I believe a lot of experience can be gained from this.


What advice would you give to somebody starting at MHA Moore and Smalley?


Starting a new job can be overwhelming, but everyone is friendly and accommodating; don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help/guidance.