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Employee Stories: Andrew Gibson

February 6, 2018


Type: Employee Stories

Why did you choose a training opportunity/career with MHA Moore and Smalley?


I chose a training opportunity with MHA Moore and Smalley as it was an opportunity which allowed me to study for internationally recognised qualifications at the same time as I learnt and developed skills in a professional workplace environment.


This has enabled me to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge / experience simultaneously through my exam studies and from exposure to clients.


Can you describe your job role on a day to day basis?


My job role involves accounts preparation and audit for various types of entity, such as limited companies, charities and pension schemes; with the majority of my time spent auditing.


My role within the team involves:


  • Assisting with planning the audit;
  • Acting as in charge senior of the audit fieldwork;
  • Completing whole sections of the audit file prior to the audit manager reviewing the file.


This involves spending a significant amount of my working time based at client premises discussing audit matters with the client and working with colleagues to perform audit testing on the clients accounting records.


What do you enjoy most about working at MHA Moore and Smalley?


The most enjoyable element of my role is the variety of work, as I am exposed to a wide range of accounting and audit issues meaning that no two days are the same.


As I move from audit to audit, the type of work I am doing can vary from one day to the next and involves meeting new client staff on a regular basis.


Internally, the team selected to work on each audit will vary depending on the nature of the work which means I get to work with a wide range of colleagues, which I also enjoy.


How has MHA Moore and Smalley helped you?


Working for MHA Moore and Smalley has enabled me to obtain the AAT qualification and I am now studying towards becoming an ACA qualified accountant, both of these qualifications have enabled me to develop professionally.


The team in which I work also devote a large amount of time to work based training to develop my work based skills alongside my studies on an ongoing basis.


Additionally, I am now more confident about meeting new people personally as a result of meeting new client staff on a regular basis.


What are your goals for the future?


My goals for the future are to pass my remaining ACA examinations at the first attempt and become a client manager.


What advice would you give to somebody starting at MHA Moore and Smalley?


Take advantage of the opportunities to develop yourself by taking on higher level work and responsibility from more senior members of staff where possible.